Have you thought about how your assets are to be distributed when you die?

Whatever your family or financial circumstances, simple or complicated, we can work with you to prepare a Will that addresses your concerns and help ensure that your assets are distributed in the manner that you intend. Your Will can include provisions for the care of family members and the bequest of special belongings and family heirlooms to specific persons.

Is your will up to date? We recommend that a person review and update his or her Will every two years or whenever your personal circumstances change, for example as a result of divorce, separation or the birth of a new child.


When a person dies with or without a will, the person dealing with the estate of the deceased person must obtain the authority of the Supreme Court before the estate can be dealt with. We will handle your matter with sensitivity and deal with the administrative requirements efficiently.

Financial Agreements

Parties to a marriage or de-facto relationship can document how they wish to divide their properties in the event of a relationship break-down. A financial agreement can be entered into before marriage (pre-nuptial), during marriage or a de-facto relationship, or after separation, divorce or the end of a de-facto relationship. A financial agreement may also include provisions for spousal maintenance or child support.