• How to avoid the common mistakes first homebuyers make

    If you're finally in the market as a first time homebuyer, you're probably going through a couple of intense emotions. One, the joy of being able to purchase your first home. And, two, the fear of not knowing what to expect. Inexperience can open you up to making property purchasing mistakes. Fortunately, these can be avoided. We, the conveyancers of Qualitas Law, have pooled together a number of Do's and Don'ts to help make your first home buying experience run smoothly, and keep you happy. 1. Don't give too much information. Being new to real estate, you might end up Read More
  • Why Consider an Interest-Only Home Loan?

    More often than not, purchasing a home begins with meticulous decision-making on a type of mortgage loan. Banks and creditors now offer a whole slew of options that cater to different financial situations. A popular type of loan among home buyers particularly is the interest-only loan, because this financial contract agreement is the most affordable for some, as they only repay the monthly interest over the loan term. This allows payments to be much lower than they would be with a traditional amortising loan. But aside from the obvious low-cost reason, it’s important to know how else you can benefit Read More
  • Dream home or disaster? 5 tips to help house inspections

    When you’re looking for your dream home, it’s so easy to fall in love at first sight. Psychology attributes this to the fact that people will choose a dwelling that would reflect their self-image and emotional well-being. If a house mirrors your self-expression, an instant bond can be formed. But, so much like any relationship, it’s never enough to decide with your heart. You must try and keep a level head. The key to choosing a home lies in a thorough and objective assessment of the property. After the initial surge of joy, you should be able to settle down Read More
  • Smart Suburb Shopping

    So you’ve decided to shop for a new piece of real estate - a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For many, it isn't limited to putting yourself in the market for a new home. You should be able to look far off into the future and view this new living space as a property investment. A place that can ensure strong long-term capital growth. With that perspective, it pays to be smart when hunting for that right suburb. In our conveyancing experience, we have identified 5 points on how this rather daunting suburb search can be made easier. Determine your Read More
  • Do I need a conveyancer, or a lawyer?

    Whenever you buy real estate or sell your property, it is required that due diligence be done to all contracts by a qualified professional in a legal process called conveyancing. You may hire either a conveyancer or a lawyer/solicitor for this service. These qualified professionals will help you through an extensive range of ownership transference steps - such as, contract exchanges, property inspections, and title searches. Both conveyancers and solicitors offer the same general packaged service, how will you know which one would be best to employ for your needs? Here are 5 little-known yet important differences between conveyancers and solicitors Read More
  •  Location, location, location where to go?

    Sound advice to help you decide where to invest. You’ve heard this mantra from real estate agents so many times that you’ve come to believe it. The cliché simply means that location is the most important factor that determines the desirability of a property. So now that you’re thinking of investing, choosing between a city, regional, or rural property is very crucial, right? Yes and no. The truth is, opportunities are not area specific. Opportunities depend on your asset objective and your comfort zone. If you’re willing and able, you can create wealth wherever that property may be. To illustrate, Read More
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