Qualitas Law is a practice consisting of a highly trained team of talented young people, backed by a principal with more than 20 years legal and commercial experience.

We specialise in Property Conveyancing, trust deed reviews, mortgage and security document reviews, and all other property transactions, such as caveats, subdivisions and easements.

Why choose Qualitas Law for your Conveyancing needs? Because we have experience backing up talent. We have youth filled with passion for law. We have integrity and accountability. And, we have a desire to help the community.

When you’ve walked through many properties, agonised over prices, deposits and budgets, and you finally reach the point of purchase, that’s when you need Qualitas Law. We make the next step easy, and pain free.

Mission Values & Vision

Our mission at Qualitas Law is to help our clients understand the best way to achieve a positive outcome to their challenges. We do this in a practical, efficient and respectful manner in all cases.

We also believe it is our mission to provide employment opportunities for graduates and other young Melbournians who have a passion for law.

We value the role which the next generation of lawyers will deliver. We know the rigorous education and training they go through. Qualitas Law employs people based on talent and potential, not purely by the number of years under their belt.

Our vision is to become the most trusted law firm in the northern suburbs, for our clients and for our community.