Are you developing property or need to deal with property in some other way?

Our firm can help you with other transactions involving your title to property such as:

  • changing title details
  • replacing lost or destroyed certificates of title
  • subdivisions or consolidations
  • creation and withdrawal of caveats, easements and covenants.

Plans of subdivision or consolidation

A plan of subdivision allows a landowner to divide the land into smaller lots that can then be sold separately.

A plan of consolidation allows a landowner to consolidate two or more adjoining lots into one larger parcel of land.

The typical process is:

(1) A licensed surveyor prepares the plan of subdivision or consolidation and submits the plan to the Council.
(2) The Council will consider the application and send it to relevant authorities.
(3) The Council will certify the plan when it is satisfied that all planning, environmental and other requirements are met.
(4) We will organise and prepare all relevant forms to lodge an application to register the plan at Land Victoria.
(5) Land Victoria examines the application and when it is satisfied that all requirements have been met, the plan is registered and new certificates of title are issued.

Caveats, covenants and easements

A caveat is a warning or notice to anyone who may be interested in the property that the property may not be dealt with without first notifying the person who has lodged the caveat. For example, a purchaser of property paring under a terms contract can register his or her interest on the property.

A covenant on land is a written agreement between the seller and purchaser of a piece of land that restricts the way the land can be used or developed. For example, a covenant can restrict the type of building material the purchaser can use or the number of dwellings that can be constructed on the land.

An easement is a right held by someone to use land or part of a land belonging to someone else for a specific and limited purpose. Common examples of easements are drainage, sewerage shared driveways.